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Butter never tasted so good

We know that feeling when you get the urge for that familiar sweet buttery taste. That’s what we fulfill for whoever stops by. We stand by our belief in freshly baked delights every day with the the finest, most natural ingredients. Order your cakes and other goodies from us for your special event, or as a treat for someone sweet. Nothing shows you care more than freshly baked food. We’d love to serve you our freshest baked creations @ Upper Thomson.

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Our Popular Buttery Creations

Always Fresh, Always Tasty

At ButterBatterBear, we make everything fresh-from-scratch, all day, every day, using the finest and freshest ingredients. We continue on working and creating new flavor of butter cakes and get your sweet tooth fix. Our hand is always careful when come to mix in the sugar, no EXTRA!! Come by to taste some of our favorite and most delicious bakery fresh foods. Treat yourself - you deserve it!

The Ultimate Caramel with Almond

Lasting Impressions

Indulge in our Caramel Cake for that tantalizing sweetness carefully created to perfection. All of our customers just love our Almond topped caramel treat and keep coming back for more. Taste the Butterbatterbear difference today.

Smooth Banana Choco with Walnuts

Healthier Choice

With our Banana Cakes, you taste the sweetness of the fruit and nut that is all that satisfying. Customers told us nothing goes better with that daily latte! Bring home one and share that love for culinary passion.

The Nutty Marble

Top Seller

That marble that is rich with hazelnut flavors. From the smooth hazelnut chocolate to the granule hazelnut, taste the difference in every single bite. One piece is never enough.

Shannon Coffee

Serve All Day

The distinctive sweet "sandwich" that able to boost your day. We have carefully adjusted the ratio of coffee and butter to the perfection. The strong buttery sense in it is never missed out despite coffee. Delight yourself with the bittersweet aftertaste.

Temptation Orange


The orange that is refreshing paired well with rich cocoa. A cake that embedded with surprise for both taste and design! Send the message to your love one on our orange cake.

The Original

Hot off the Oven

That original all buttery taste that our grandparents used to serve up in large sizes. We retained the traditional recipe in our most popular offering, always moist, always fresh.  Taste the ButterBatterBear difference today. We look forward to seeing you!

Simply Berries

Served All Day

Our Cranberry Cakes are baked fresh daily and are a real crowd pleaser. The smell of our Berries Cakes is just so unbelievable it will transport you back to your grandmother’s home during the holidays. Customers love our Berries Cakes, so we’ll keep baking them ‘til you’ve had enough!

New York Cheesecake

Meticulous Baked

The very original cheesecake that loved by almost everyone. Simple yet rich in taste, always goes well with handmade berry sauce.

Ondeh2 Cake

Luscious Bake

Fill your mouth with the creamy coconut, sweet gula melaka and underscored by floral pandan fragrance all in one time. The toasted coconut flakes sprinkled all around gives the complete taste of Ondeh ondeh. Taste the Ondeh2 Cake that able to bring you the feelings of Pleasant.

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